Massage Therapy

Introduction to

Massage Therapy

All massage therapies have significant benefits. One particular style of massage may be more appropriate to address one’s needs. Clients can choose from an array of massage styles, and this includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sport, Trigger Points, PreNatal, Lymphatic Drainage and foot massage.

It is best to consult with your Licensed Massage Therapist to explain what outcome you would like to achieve and together agree upon what style of massage is right for your needs.

Massage Enhancements

To make your experience incredible, one may consider adding an enhancement to their treatment for $10.00

Aromatherapy: In addition to your massage therapy, one may choose the right combination of essential oils to enhance their experience and address their concerns. (If you have sensitivities to smell or essential oils please do not ask to make this part of your treatment.)


CBD Oil: To deepen the benefits of your massage, this product will stimulate your own endocannabinoid system to help with the reduction of inflammation, pain, and assist with calming the nervous system and regulating sleep.

All our products are Natural or Organic and can be purchased from our spa.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage is built upon the Swedish Massage technique, but more pressure is applied. By utilizing not only the therapist’s hands and fingers, the therapist also employs use of their elbows and forearms to ensure direct pressure is being received. Deep Tissue Massage works by getting deeper into the layers of the muscles to break down tight muscles, while softening tissue and release knots that have developed under the skin.

This type of massage is often used to address chronic pain and relieve tension. It also helps relieve inflammation due to arthritis, tendonitis and other ailments.

1 hour – $80.00

90 minutes – $110.00

Prenatal Massage

For the Soon to Be Mom looking to relax safely I encourage you to try a PreNatal Massage. PreNatal Massage helps relieve muscle cramps, reduce stress on weight bearing joints, and reduce swelling. Massage will also relieve fatigue, enhance sleep and calm an active baby, and provide better circulation.

1 hour – $75.00

Foot Massage

Foot massage is designed for the person who is looking to relax and restore their natural energy levels, It is also a good option for the person who does not like to be touched. This style massage uses gentle yet firm pressure on different pressure points involving the feet, hands and ears.

30 minutes – $45.00

1 hour – $80.00

Trigger Point

This technique is used to relieve pain. Applying pressure to specific “trigger Points” on the body-tender, congested spots of muscle tissue that may radiate pain to other areas, in order to release tension and spasms. Treatment decreases the swelling and stiffness associated with muscular pain and increases range of motion.

1 hour – $85.00

90 minutes – $110.00

Swedish Massage

The most commonly practiced form of massage in Western countries. Swedish Massage integrates ancient Oriental techniques with contemporary principles of anatomy and physiology. Swedish Massage is especially effective for improving circulation; relieving muscle tension, and back and neck pain.

Swedish Massage is a great way to relieve stress.

1 hour – $75.00

90 minutes – $100.00

Hot Stone

This therapeutic massage is similar to a Swedish Massage only difference is hot stones are incorporated into the session. By applying hot stones to the body this allows the body to relax which eases muscle tension and improves blood flow which aids in circulation.

The hot stones are a great way to alleviate pain, discomfort . So if someone is looking to ease muscle tension, improve blood flow, alleviate pain, and have an overall sense of relaxation this is a great session to try.

90 minutes – $105.00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Is a gentle rhythmic style of massage that mimics the action of the Lymphatic System. The right rhythm and pressure is applied to open the initial lymphatics which in turn stimulate the lymph vessel contraction to reduce edema.

Edema is an unusual accumulation of fluid in soft tissue that can range from being temporary and mild to serious as in Chronic Lymphedema. In addition to improving fluid flow, LDM is very relaxing and will aid in the healing time for injuries. LDM will also remove cellular debris from the site of an injury, and remove toxins and increase blood flow which is used to repair injured tissue resulting in less scar tissue yet improving tissue structure.

1 hour – $80.00